Legendary Children in the House of Fierce


In a world of rejected and excluded young gay and lesbians, in which respect can be earned on the street, we follow the racial, social, sexual and performance battle between members of two Vogue Houses: The House of Fabulous and The House of Fierce. Both Houses are led by two prominent masters: Obay and Truesome, played by Raymi Sambo (NL) and Rikki Beadle Blair (UK), which as everyone knows, have a relationship with each other, but in the meantime they don’t waste any time to blacken their partners House.

Referring to Shakespeare's timeless themes of disguise and hide is sampled and mixed in a blender of 21st century queer subcultures, dating apps, sex apps, blogs, vlogs, selfies, party drugs, rehab clinics, romantic longing for each other, Hip-hop, electro and house music, street poetry, fashion. Politics and dance, dance, dance. The result is dynamic - sometimes shocking, sometimes cuddly, emotionally and enthusiast. Tragedy, comedy and history accompanied by love sonnets. Shakespeare will rock da house ... The House of The House of Fierce & Fabulous.


  • Starts: 3 march at 21:30
  • Duration:
  • Duration: 120 min
  • Price: € 17
  • 2017
  • Director: Rikki Beadle-Blair, Raymi Sambo, Jonny Cox Vinell, Kane Surry, Lewis Brown, Andre Dongelmans, Ritzah Statia