The Repetition - Theatrum Mundi

theater Dutch première

What can traditional theater say about now? That is the central question whitin an European theater project in which artists and actors from different directions and different disciplines, create a contemporary spectacle based on Plautus' famous comedy Anphitryon.

Led by Fabio Tolledi, artistic director of Teatro Astragali from Lecce, the team is working in Italy at a show that will have its international premiere in Amsterdam.

It promises a unique combination of styles and languages to which make razor-sharp comments on contemporary society. A unique international theatershow that you can only see once in the Netherlands.

Theatrum Mundi is a performance of Raphael Rodan, Lenia Gadaleta, Roberta Quarta, Simonetta Rotundo, Peter Gaidarov, Onur Uysal, Laura Lutard, Clara Schwartzenberg.


  • Starts: 5 march at 20:30
  • Duration:
  • Price: € 10
  • 2017