The Alekseij Tapes

theater Dutch première

Summer of 2016, Anastasis travels to northern Greece with a film crew to record the music of a number of people living there. What he can’t presume before he departs for this particular trip it will be a confrontation with his own identity. Because halfway through the film, in a small village, he discovers something in a conversation.

Does he know who he thinks he is? And has he always wanted to be who he is? Is there still a truth or is everything a story?

The Alekseij Tapes is a search for an answer to these questions and an examination of identity. Music and personal stories blend together, just like reality and fictional truth.

The Alekseij Tapes is the first step in a larger project in which Anastasis lays his roots and those of his family under a magnifying glass and increasingly exposes those roots.

English spoken

The Alekseij Tapes is a performance of Anastasis Sarakatsanos. Director of play: Raphael Rodan / Sahand Sahebdivani.


  • Starts: 4 march at 19:00
  • Duration:
  • Price:
  • 2017